Becoming a mother in 2012 enriched my art with great honesty and with the need to get closer to a more primal source within. My work reflects on the physical, emotional and mental shifts of becoming a mother and a parent and how that has influenced all areas of my life. My paintings emerge from an intuitive place, while intermingling with my background knowledge of color theory, composition, and painting techniques. Each piece is generated spontaneously, taking cues from my inner world and what I am experiencing at the time. 

I am interested in the non-verbal ways that art communicates emotions, thoughts and beliefs about life. It is through my art that I feel most brave, most vocal, and I find great comfort and power in allowing the creative process to be a form of catharsis and release. 

Working large allows me to dance with the paint and allow images to emerge as needed. Finding the flow and the release is what my creative process is based in, while paying homage to painting "rules" that make a piece interesting and pleasing to a viewers eye. I am interested in the interplay of form and the harmony of colors, while being true to the organic forming of shapes and textures as the painting progresses. Play, experimentation, movement and curiosity guide my process.