Sam's exploration into the world of eating is going well...and makes Jamie and I laugh daily. He attacks the spoon with a vengeance, while also trying to shove his bib into his mouth, rice cereal slurping its way everywhere. Big smiles and a cereal-smelling neck. Sticky hands and eyes that light up with the new adventure of eating. And because it is new, Sam is a slow eater. Contemplating and pausing after each bite to look at his surroundings and swallow the food that does make it down his throat. There is such a lesson here in eating slowly, whether he is enjoying the taste of the food or not, it is an act to be mimicked. To treat eating again like the sacred act that it is and to stop and notice how it feels to take in food, what the world looks like with a more full belly. I made him some nice pureed carrots today. Jamie said he made a funny face and spit them out. I will freeze them and try again. What tomorrow? Apples, peaches, or sweet potatoes? It is fun to see his little face examine each new taste. Bananas and avocados have been digested, but not without a little hesitation.

Learning how to eat. I love the concept and hope to practice greater gratitude for food through the teachings of my little guy. Even if he did spit out my carrots.