Last Day of July

Returning to this, needing to write, not sure if this is the place I want to be most honest on. 1. The wind in the trees behind me, refreshing breeze after a hot day.

2. Oprah and Deepak meditations. Wanting to live this life more gratefully and therefore, more gracefully.

3. Being open and sharing with other moms, honest about our experiences and our thoughts.

4. Sleeping in and waking up to Phoebe grins and shakes.

5. Being on KHOL today and feeling part of this community, love certain aspects of this place. My home.

I am on the cusp of big growth. Feeling scared and fearful but knowing that the only way to comfort is through vulnerability. I had the thought today, as I looked across the street at the house of my perpetually unhappy neighbor, that I don't want to end up like her. Angry and bitter. What do I have to lose? What is the worst thing that could happen by using my voice? Speaking in mumble jumble here, but it still feels good.